Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Love versus Hate

This time I again want to write about a difficult topic: The well known opposite feelings Love and Hate.

At the beginning I want to ask you two simple questions:
What is love and what is hate?

Everyone probably is able to answer these questions immediately, because these feelings are the most important and strongest ones in our whole life. All of you heard about them or even already felt them.

A few simple answers to these questions are:
Love and hate are two opposite feelings.
Love is responsible for everything what is good and hate is responsible for everything what is bad in this world.

But are the answers to these questions really so simple? I don't think so. Love and hate are more complex than this.

In this blog post I want to explain my thoughts about what love and hate are. I again want to emphasize that the content of this blog post is only my own opinion and that there are certainly many other persons around the world who have other opinions. And this is good so. The world would be a very boring and sad place if everyone would have the same opinion. :-)

Before I'm able to explain my thoughts about love and hate, I have to explain two assumptions which I made.

My first assumption is that everything (the dead world around us, the plants and animals and also the humans) are made of energy. Some of you probably will think that I'm wrong “The world isn't made of energy. It's made of matter.”. Yes you're right. Everything is made of matter. But matter and energy are exactly the same. Matter is only a particular appearance of energy. Albert Einstein proved this.
My second assumption is that each human has a soul which is also made of energy. I know that there is no proof of the human soul till now. Perhaps there never will be a proof. But I believe, I KNOW, that there is a human soul in all of us. These souls are the most powerful but at the same time also the most sensitive objects in the universe. There is nothing similar like them. A human soul is the sum of all your experiences, decisions and so on. It is your personality, the soul are you!

When a human is born, he/she already has a soul, but it's unspecific/unfinished. Only because of the life, all the experiences and particularly because of the decisions which you made during your life, your soul becomes a unique strong individual character.
During a life a soul comes in contact with many other souls. It's connected with them or even with all souls around the world. That's why all of your decisions always impacts other persons you are connected with.

After you know my assumptions now, I'm able to answer the question what love and hate are. First I will potter at the love.

I think, that love is also an energy. But this energy is different from the one the whole world and also the humans are made of. This energy appears because of such a connection between two souls. There are many different kinds of love, for example: the love between the parents and their children, the love between friends, the love between two lovers and also the love for a foreign person who you meet randomly on the road and help him/her.
These are only a few kinds of love. There are many more. But all kinds of love only appear because of a connection between two souls. This love helps people to make the right decision, to help others, even they have a disadvantage because of this. The world only works because there are always people who are doing the right things because of love.
Without love you aren't able to survive. Love is the “food” for your soul. It heals the wounds and gives you the power to pass bad times.

But there is one big problem. When love is created by the connection between two souls, how could you create such a connection?
There is only one solution. Both persons have to be willing to give love, even both of them don't know if the other one will reciprocate this love. It's a risk without any guaranty. Sometimes you have luck and sometimes you have bad luck. No one will ever know this before risking it.

In the case you have luck and the other one is willing to reciprocate your love, a very powerful connection appears between these two souls. Love is born! You could say that love is born because two souls are interacting with each other. This love is the most powerful energy. It is able to heal each wound and gives you all the strength which you need to pass the bad times in your life. There is nothing similar like love.

But in the case the other person isn't willing to reciprocate the love, no connection/interaction appears. This hurts. That's why there are some people who don't risk this any more. They were disappointed too often. But they still want to be loved like all of us. Of course I see their problem but unfortunately there is no other way than risking it again and again. Don't loose hope. Even it will last a very long time till you find a person who deserves your love who will reciprocate the love. The love you will experience then is worth everything.

Unfortunately there are some people who were disappointed too often. These people aren't able to feel the love anymore. And one day they begin to hate all the other people, especially the ones who are still able to feel the love.

There is one important question left: Is hate the opposite energy of love or is it only the absence of love?
My opinion is that hate isn't the opposite energy of love. It's only the absence or the lack of love. Hate is something very bad. And bad things can't survive. Only the good things like love or the souls are able to exist forever.
Some of you perhaps think at all the terrible things which were done because of hate. You perhaps think that you need a powerful energy to do such terrible things. These are interesting thoughts. But take a look at the world around you. There are so many things happening only because of the lack of something for example if there is a lack of food, resources, lifetime, faith, love or whatever. It isn't important if the lack is there because of nature, because of another person who stole something from you or because you are living too high standards. The reason for the lack does not matter.

The lack of something is one of the two most powerful motivators to do something. The other one is love. I even think that the lack of something and the love are the only motivators which exists.

That's why I think that hate is only a feeling because of the lack of love. Perhaps “Love versus Lack” would be the better title for this blog post? :-)

Always remember:
Always live your life open-hearted, no matter how often your love wasn't reciprocated. Don't loose hope and try it again and again. This is the only way to find the persons who deserve your love and to be loved. The alternative, a life without love, can't be worthwhile by no stretch of the imagination.

I was inspired by Lindsey Stirling to write this blog post. Even she passed very bad times and lost her very best friend Jason Gaviati, she never stopped living her life open-hearted. I try to follow Lindsey's example and I hope that there perhaps will be other persons around the world who also will follow her example.

Here you can see Lindsey Stirling, Drew Steen and Jason Gaviati in Australia. The photo was taken 2013.
Written by Andreas S. Janke

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