Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fighting against the darkness

Who doesn't know the bad feelings when you are watching a movie or the news and the bad guys are winning against the good guys? Usually the bad ones have all the money, the power, the people and so on. And the good ones only have themselves, their believes, conviction and so on.

I'm sure that all of us already saw or even went through such a situation. Unfortunately those things are reality and happen all over the world day after day.

If you saw or even went through such a terrible situation, you are feeling angry, sad, helpless and much more. You are probably thinking why something like this has to happen or what could you do so that this never will happen again.

A religious person would perhaps answer something like this:
“God is testing you.” or “This is a test of your faith.”

This is true, but this doesn't explain anything and this doesn't really help.

Is there no other way without all these bad things?
Unfortunately not. These bad things have to happen. They are necessary.

Of course it isn't easy to see why they are necessary, but I will try to explain it here.

An important question you have to answer first is:
What is the difference between humans and animals? Are humans only animals or are they more?

Some of you may ask now why this question is important. Trust me. It's very important.

A scientist usually would answer the question this way:
Humans developed from apes. Apes are animals. That's why humans are animals too.

Yes, this is right. But is this everything? Are humans only a special and of course successful form of animals?
No! There is at least one big difference. But what is it? Scientists are searching for it since many years.

I can tell you. The difference between humans and animals is the free will.

Animals don't have the choice to be good or bad. They are only acting completely logic like the nature is doing. They are doing everything so that they or their group will survive or have the best chances. This is everything. Living such a live isn't good or bad. It's neutral.
Animals never would kill another animal for fun. There is no need to do this. This wouldn't be logic. That's why they never would do something like this. But animals also never would risk or even give their life for another unknown creature or even a rival. This also isn't logic.

Some of you perhaps think at animal parents who risk their life for their children. That's true. They are doing this. But this situation is completely different to the one I described. Risking your life for your children or your group is logic. Without children life on earth would end very fast. That's why all parents especially mothers have a genetic predisposition (mother instinct) to protect their children. And risking your life for your group is also logic because the group has better chances to survive then. Sacrifice one individual so that the group consisting of many individuals can survive. This is very simple logic. Humans usually think that this is cruel. But it isn't. This is nature. This is neutral. But what some humans are doing is cruel.

Now you perhaps see that animals aren't good or bad. They are neutral. They don't have the free will or the choice.
But humans have it. They have the choice between the easy or the difficult but right way. This is the most important and I even think the only decision in a human's life. All of us has the free will. We have the great ability to decide whether we want to be good or bad. But having this ability also implicates that humans aren't able to be neutral anymore. No one is completely dark or white and no one is neutral. All of us are gray. Of course some of us have darker and some others have brighter souls.

You will have to make this decision again and again during your life. In the beginning it's easy to change from one side to the other. But the more often you made the decision on the same way the more difficult it is to change it the next time. Your body, brain and soul are trained on the way you are acting. But changing is always possible although it's very hard to become a good person after you did much bad.

Because of this choice you are able to help foreign people. You are even able to help your rival. But you are also able to do very terrible things. Unfortunately it's much easier to take what you want to have than to renounce it. That's why it's no surprise for me that there are so many bad guys all over the world. Why should you choose the difficult way if it looks like that you are able to reach your goal on the easy way too? All of us have to answer this question on his/her own.

But unfortunately this is the consequence of the free will. There is no other possible way. Now you perhaps see that the good isn't able to exist without the bad. They are the two sides of the same coin. If you want that there is the good then automatically there is the bad. But it's your own choice which side you choose. Although there always will be the bad, if no one choose this side of the coin, it has no power.

After you see that the bad is necessary for the good, it perhaps will be easier for you to go through bad times.

But what could you do against such bad guys the news are always telling about? Fighting?

My answer is NO!
Fighting with weapons or something like this never is a solution. If you are fighting this way you have to kill the bad guy in the end. This way you are creating more enemies than you ever will be able to kill.
The other possibility to fight against these guys is going to court or something like this. This would be a possible solution. But what could you achieve? Perhaps you are able to win a battle but never the war. There always will be the bad.

Don't misunderstand me. I don't want to say that you shouldn't do or try this way. If you want to do it, then do it. Doing this isn't bad and perhaps you really achieve something good.

But I think that there is a better way. For this new way you have to change your point of view. Of course the bad guys are doing terrible things and it would be great if there wouldn't be such humans. But I think helping other people and spreading love is much better than fighting against the darkness. Help the people who are treated bad by these bad guys.

That's why always remember:
The darkness is necessary so that the light is able to shine. That's why don't waste your time and energy with fighting against the darkness. Begin to spread your own light.

I was inspired by Lindsey Stirling to write this blog post. She passed very bad times. But she never lost hope and began to spread her own light all over the world.

This photo was taken during the filming of Lindsey Stirling's and Peter Hollens' very funny Star Wars Medley
Written by Andreas S. Janke

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  1. Wow this is really great post. I absolutely agree with you.

    I think that everyone should believe in something... whatever ..but mainly in better days. Because "After a hurricane comes a rainbow" :)