Thursday, November 19, 2015

The life is a road through fog

The last days I wrote this short text. It's about my thoughts of how to master a life

The life is like a road through fog. You don't see where the road will lead you. You sometimes also don't know how you could get so far. Only the part of the road, you are passing right now, is visible for you. Humans try to use their mind to find out where the road is leading them, what will happen in the future. But they don't know it.

Sometimes the road goes up or down, there are simple and difficult parts, dead ends, crosses from several roads and forks where you have to choose a way. But even you don't know what to do, you can't stand still or go back. You are always walking the road step by step.

Now you perhaps ask how you should master this road. Is there anything which could help you? Of course there are three tools you already own since your birth or which you could learn during your live.

The first tool is your moral/character. This tool helps you not to fall from the street. With the help of your moral you are able to create borders (crash barriers). When you are reaching a fork, your moral also helps you to eliminate some of the wrong ways.

The second tool is your love. This tool helps you to find the right way when you are reaching a fork. The love always tells the truth and leads you the right way. But it is very difficult to hear the voice of your heart. It is your softest voice.

The third tool is your faith. The faith is like a lantern, which is shining softly from far away through the fog. It shows you where your destination is and sometimes it is able to show you a part of your road in the future. Faith is the hope that there is a road somewhere in front of you without fog.

To master your road you will need all of these three tools. Your moral creates a framework or you also could say structures. With the help of your moral you are able to stay true to yourself. But if you only uses your moral, you are cold as ice. You are acting very logical but you aren't flexible.
If you only use your love, you are very soft and want to make everyone happy. But you will loose yourself. There is no structure which helps you to stay true to yourself.
You need both, moral and love, to master the road. But without the faith you don't have a goal a reason why you are doing everything. Your live is forlorn. Without your faith you never will be able to leave the fog.

I also mentioned that there are crossing roads. Each road is a life from one human. And while you are walking on your own road you will pass many other roads. You pass some of them only for a very short time, but one day you will meet a very special human. You want to walk together with this special human your whole road.

What do you think? Do you have another opinion? Did I make some mistakes? Please write down your thoughts as a comment below.

This photo shows Lindsey Stirling.
Her way to master her life was my inspiration for this text.

Thanks for reading my text.

Written by Andreas S. Janke


  1. Beautifully said Andreas. I can relate very much. We all want to know where we are going but if we use our tools of love, character and faith there is nothing that can scare us or go 'wrong'. Sending my love!

  2. JJJ MM muy lindo jj me encanta el retrato de LINDSEY se lo ve muy lindo jj muack :-*

    1. Sorry but I don't speak your language. Please write in English, German or French.