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Who is Lindsey Stirling?

There is nearly no one in the whole world who doesn't know the successful and talented Dubstep violinist Lindsey Stirling. During the last years you could watch much advertising for her albums “Lindsey Stirling” (released 2013) and “Shatter Me” (released 2014) on TV. She also take part in several German telecasts like “Klein gegen GroƟ”, “Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel” or “Die Helene Fischer Show”. In the years 2014 and 2015 she won the German Music Award Echo in the category Crossover each time. Her songs were already used in German movie productions like “Terra X”. In July 2015 Lindsey Stirling again was on tour in Germany for the fourth time.

 This is Lindsey Stirling's first album which is called "Lindsey Stirling".

This is Lindsey Stirling's second album which is called "Shatter Me".

Because the enthusiasm for Miss Stirling and her music is still unabated all over the world, it's time to potter at the feisty musician who is full of the joys of life.

Who is Lindsey Stirling and how did she arrived to become so successful?

Miss Stirling was born September 21th 1986 as a second-born daughter from Diane and Stephen J. Stirling in Santa Ana, California (USA). There she grew up with her four siblings in an ordinary family relationship, till she moved together with her family to Gilbert, Arizona (USA) in the age of eight. Now she is living in Los Angeles.

Already at the age of six years Lindsey Stirling felt like playing the violin. However her parents weren't able to afford her real violin lessons. That's why Miss Stirling was taught only a quarter of an hour weekly from a student. To be able to play the violin well she had to practice a lot by herself.  Furthermore she learned dancing by herself per watching YouTube videos. When she was invited to America's got talent in 2010, she combined playing violin with dancing for the first time. But at this time she still was unpracticed combining both. That's why she was knocked out at the quarter finals. But she didn't lose hope. She strenuously continued practicing. In the meantime she tried to establish herself in the music industry. She contacted several record labels but at this time no one was interested in a dancing Dubstep violinist. But she still didn't lose hope.

Because of a happy coincidence with Devin Graham who is a professional photographer and videographer she realized that she didn't need any casting shows or record labels to make her music.  Together with Mr. Graham she began to produce her own music videos and released them on her new founded YouTube channel LindseyStomp for free. Already her first music video “Spontaneous Me” which was released in 2011 was a big success. Now this video has round about 21 million views. She accomplished her international breakthrough with her original music video Crystallize which was released 2012. Now this video has more than 130 million views. Her YouTube channel LindseyStomp was visited more than one billion times and she has more than 7 million subscribers. Furthermore she runs the YouTube channel LindseyTime which informs her fans about her live as a musician. This channel was visited more than 25 million times and has nearly 400,000 subscribers. Of course she is active at all famous social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. There she stays in touch with her fans nearly every day and informs them about news in her live. This close contact between the musician and her fans is certainly one main reason for her constant rising international popularity.

Here you can watch Lindsey Stirling's most famous music video "Crystallize".

For everyone who is interested to deal with the violinist Lindsey Stirling now, is able to visite her website here: . There you find the links to all her other pages.

Furthermore there are a vast number of fan pages and fan groups on Facebook and Twitter which welcome every interested fan. On these pages and in these groups you find lots of additional news about the musician such as interviews, fan arts and many more. But even if you aren't looking for news about Miss Stirling, the fan groups may be interested for you because there you are able to talk with other fans. One of many German fan pages is “Lindsey Stirling GER”. You are able to find it at
and at

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Written by Andreas S. Janke

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